“You don’t need to be successful to become confident, it’s quite opposite, you have to be confident to become successful.

Confidence is a choice, not a symptom.”


What does trust mean to you?

They asked me “What does trust mean to you?”.  My answer:

It is ’embracing vulnerability’.

The funny thing about trust is even if you are honest and offer to help people all the time, building trust doesn’t come that easy.

However, if you dare to be vulnerable and ask for help from someone, that person is more likely to trust you.

I find this fact fascinating.

After all, it is not about being vulnerable by itself; it is about being confident enough to explore your vulnerability.

Trusting yourself is the first step of all…

“Praise and blame: Two forms of manipulation which I no longer require.”


Unity In Diversity

Many people think that we need unity in the face of terrorism.

However ‘Unity’ is a funny thing. It requires understanding, openness, and a shared goal even though the paths taken are not similar.

It requires similar values that not necessarily put into action in similar ways.

– It requires a full knowledge of the fact that dissimilarities also exist. –

But most importantly, unity requires a shared vision.

…and ‘Vision’ is not just having an idea what the future might look like – it is describing the future as if it is now.

Until we have a clear vision of what unity means to us in the face of terrorism, we cannot agree on it, nor can we act on it.


“Instead of focusing on motivation, maybe we’d be better to focus on not discouraging people.”


Borders & Frontiers

From the smallest amoeba to the grandest of galaxies, we define ourselves by our borders. Our boundaries. I am me. Therefore, I am not you. We are safe within our territory. But borders can be places of instability, of danger. Cold fronts collide with warm. Dynamic energy explodes.

And yet… it’s at the edges, the frontiers between us, where ideas are exchanged, where knowledge is gained.

I am me, but I must push past my borders if I’m ever to truly know you.

“There’s nothing stronger than true stories and there’s no one more admirable than a dedicated storyteller.”


Richard Ford’s 10 rules for fiction writers

Writing a novel is easy. Writing a good novel is way harder.

Famous authors talk about their methods and techniques. There are lots of “do this & don’t do that” flying around. These rules are usually about adverbs, grammar, characters and so…

Richard Ford’s list of rules for writers is full of “Don’t”s, yet, he has a completely different approach:

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“We should get out of our cultural ghetto and go visit the next one and the next.”